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From the Pastor's Desk

My Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

As a young boy, we had a bug zapper in the back yard.  The purpose was to remove all of those pesky mosquitos from the back yard area so we could stay out on the back patio late at night.  The bug zapper attracts the mosquitos and other biting insects to it and then kills them with a surge of electrical current.  The better the device could attract the insects the more it could kill and the more peace we could have in the back yard.

For many years now the Church has thought of itself as being attractional in nature.  The more attractions a church has the more people a church could attract to itself.  Like a bug zapper the church’s purpose is to attract more people, more attendance and ultimately more money.  So, churches built elaborate and luxurious sanctuaries and buildings in the hope of attracting people to come.  Churches provided program after program in the hopes of attracting people to their campus. Churches began to hire better educated and better qualified staff in the hopes of drawing more people to their congregation.  Churches began to offer the “bells and whistles” of smoke and lights during worship, 12 different small groups, and directors of Christian Education all in an attempt to attract more people, and to ultimately attract more money and more security; and for a period of time, churches were quite successful at doing so.

The problem is being an attractional church does not work anymore.  Not only does another congregation always have more “bells and whistles” than ours does, but in fact church was never meant to be attractional at all.  Look at the entire book of Acts and you will see not an attractional church at work but a missional church at work.  Does the first congregation of the church try to attract new members to itself or does the first congregation go out on “mission” to reach others?  Peter reaches the crippled beggar in the temple, Peter speaks to the crowd on Solomon’s Porch, Stephen speaks to the council, Philip in Samaria, Philip and the eunuch on the wilderness road, Paul in Damascus, Paul in Jerusalem, Peter in Lydda and Joppa, Paul on the first, second and third missionary journeys, Paul in Rome.   The entire book of Acts is the Church missional not the Church attractional; and God adds people daily.

By now you may have heard of the study and report presented on the various forms of social media about how mainline churches are dying because younger generations of people are leaving the church in droves.  I do not presume to have “the” answer to the church’s problems, but instead offer maybe the correct question, Did Jesus Christ create an attractional church or a missional church?  Depending on the answer to that question, why then are we worried about the death of the attractional church which Jesus did not create?  Instead, just maybe, what if the death of the attractional church means for us the possible resurrection of the missional church?  Plainly stated, what if the days of trying to get outsiders in the church are over (and maybe rightly so), and the days have returned of trying to get the insiders out of the church into the community?

I have no doubt that many Christians are worried and anxious over the future of their particular branches of the one, holy, and universal Church.  But, what if instead of lamenting the death of a church model that doesn’t work anymore and maybe was never intended by Christ; we instead rejoice over the opportunity to be the church that we were always supposed to be and never became?  What if we are called to be a Church that goes out into our communities instead of a Church that tries to get our communities into our buildings and bank accounts?

My brothers and sisters in Christ, while some are lamenting and sorrowful over the dying of the church buildings, programs and budgets, the good news for us, is that this time is also an opportunity for faithfulness and obedience to the will of the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ.  Instead of working on roofs, carpets and programs, we now can instead work on people, relationships, and human beings.  Perhaps that was the way it was always meant to be or perhaps that was the vision Christ had for us, or perhaps that is just the wishful thinking of a misguided pastor who spends too much time praying and dreaming for the new world created by God through Jesus Christ; but one thing is certain, we as a Church must make the change to us going out instead of them coming in; or we just may not have much of a future at all. 

In Christ,
Rev. Mark


Daniel Frank's Prayer



May the Holy Spirit fill your minds

And release you from those evil binds

That contain us and stop us from loving God

Let Christ be seen, not through a facade

But in your church and in your lives

Love the Lord that strives

To live in your hearts forevermore

And flow over you like waves on a shore

So love the Lord your God deeply

And do not turn away so sheeply

That you miss God's love

Like just another morning dove

So go now with the Father's Word

And fly in the sky with God's herd

Of loving, following Christians