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Euchre Club

Our monthly Euchre Club will resume on Saturday, March 28 at 6pm.  Please bring an appetizer to share and a friend.

From the Pastor's Desk

My Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

As a boy, our Boy Scout Troop took a three week trip camping and hiking in the Rocky Mountains of New Mexico.  For ten days we hiked, camped and enjoyed outdoor activities at Philmont Scout Ranch.  Each day we began by hiking from where we slept to the next area where we would participate in an activity, eat and sleep again.  By doing so we hiked about 100 miles over the course of our ten day trip and we did so in ten stages.  Each day we would journey to our next stage, and each evening the camp counselors would be preparing for the next day’s groups to come through.   Somebody was always going ahead to get things ready for us and we were always traveling to get where we were going.

So too it is with the church of Jesus Christ.  Our journey from sinner to saint, from alienated from God to communion with God, from the kingdom of humans to the Kingdom of God takes place by stages.  Each day a distance is traveled from here to there, from sinner to saint, from apart from God to union with God, from kingdom to Kingdom.  Each day we have tasks assigned to us complete on our journey.  Each day we have one stage to complete in the whole journey.

The story of Philip and the Eunuch is one example of many in scripture about how God’s people accomplish extra-ordinary things in small steps of small stages.  Philip is told to get up and go toward the south road that goes down from Jerusalem to Gaza.  Philip gets up and goes; stage one complete.  Philip is told to Go over to this chariot and join it.  Philip goes over to the chariot and hears the Eunuch reading; stage two complete.  Philip explains the text the Eunuch was reading from Isaiah and baptizes the Eunuch; stage three complete.  Philip is then snatched away by the Spirit; stage four complete.

At stage one, Philip has no idea what is going to happen in stage three or four.  He has no idea what is going to happen, how things are going to end, he is given instructions by stages and until stage one is completed, stage two cannot begin.  But while Philip has no idea what is going to happen next, he does know that the Lord Jesus Christ is already ahead of him.  Jesus Christ knows how it is going to work out and Jesus Christ has prepared a way for Philip to go to that end.  But Philip neither demands to know the end nor complains about being in the middle of nowhere.  Philip is content to trust that Jesus knows what he is doing ahead of Philip and Jesus has prepared the way for Philip to go.

Might not it be the same for us?  Could Jesus Christ have prepared a way for us to go to our “Ethiopian Eunuch?”  Could Jesus Christ have called us to journey along that way in stages, one part leading into the next, and only at the end will the entire journey be seen?  If so, then why are we not going to our “Eunuchs?”

Might we want to see the end before we make a beginning?  Might we want to see the rewards in order to justify the cost?  Might we want to know the way before getting lost?  But if Jesus has called us to be his people, will he not also have prepared the end and the way to get there?  The question is as God’s people do we trust the Lord Jesus enough to be content only with traveling in stages and to be content with not seeing how it all works out.

My brothers and sisters in Christ, God is already ahead of us.  God is already ahead of us preparing the way to good, and not evil, to give us a future and a hope.   Even if we cannot see but a few steps or stages in front of us and even if we cannot see how things work out if they work out at all, but through the eyes of faith we can see the one who has made the path and loves us so to walk it with us.  Therefore, let us yield our lives up into the possession of he who because he is God is the end of our journey, and because he is human is the way to get there; Jesus Christ our LordAmen.

In Christ,
Rev. Mark



Daniel Frank's Prayer



May the Holy Spirit fill your minds

And release you from those evil binds

That contain us and stop us from loving God

Let Christ be seen, not through a facade

But in your church and in your lives

Love the Lord that strives

To live in your hearts forevermore

And flow over you like waves on a shore

So love the Lord your God deeply

And do not turn away so sheeply

That you miss God's love

Like just another morning dove

So go now with the Father's Word

And fly in the sky with God's herd

Of loving, following Christians