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Sunday Service at 9am  -  Sunday School at 10:15am

Wednesday Bible Study at 7pm

Thursday Bible Study at 1pm

Euchre Club

Our Monthly meeting of the Euchre Club will be Saturday April 26 at 6pm, please bring an appetizer to share.  The Club is open to anyone that wants to have a good time. 

Holy Week Schedule

Our Holy Week worship schedule is as follows: Maundy Thursday at 6:30pm, Good Friday at the Church of Christ at 7pm, Easter Sunrise at 6:30am, Easter Sunday at 9am.

From the Pastor's Desk

My Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

I had the privilege in college to take part in the university’s Jazz Ensemble and my senior year we went on tour to several schools, organizations and jazz shows.  For a week or so, we traveled throughout Chicago playing three shows a day.  Traveling throughout Chicago is no easy task in and of itself, but travel becomes difficult when you have a director who doesn’t know where he is going.  Our director was so lost when it came to directions that we jokingly bestowed upon him the nickname of “U-Turn.” We would take a wrong turn off the interstate, miss our exit and even find ourselves on the wrong road entirely.  It just goes to show you that when making a journey sooner or later you will take a wrong path and have to make a U-turn.

Just as we on our journey in Chicago had to make U-turns, so too on our Christian journey do we have to make U-turns.  We find ourselves on a wrong path wrapped up in fleshly desires.  We miss our exit because we fail what was asked of us.  We even find ourselves on the wrong road filled not with grace and love but with hate and division.  If you are going to make a journey sooner or later you will take a wrong path and have to make a U-turn. 

This is what Lent is all about.  Whatever your thoughts are about Church seasons or ashes or any of the other many symbols of Lent, Lent is simply a time of self-examination.  A time for looking at our feet and for seeing if we are on the path of Christ.  If we find ourselves having taking a wrong turn, missing our exit, even being on the wrong road, Lent is a time for looking at ourselves and if necessary to make a U-turn and go back to Jesus Christ.  As Paul said before Agrippa, First to those in Damascus, then to those in Jerusalem and in all Judea, and to the Gentiles also, I preached that they should repent and turn to God. 

Where is our feet on our Christian journey?  Where is our hearts?  Where is our priorities?  Where are we?  Are we where Jesus wants us to be or have we fallen off the path Christ trod?  If we are where Jesus wants us then let us sing Alleluias.  If we are not where Jesus wants us to be, then we just might need to make a U-turn and come back to God.  What areas of our lives are not where they should be?  What areas are?  What do we find if we look at ourselves with the eyes and mind of Christ? 

This is the whole purpose of Lent, the ashes, the sermons, the purple cloth, the special bulletins, the special services, the special programs, the fish fries all of these things are directed to one simple task, Are we in ourselves who we already are in Jesus Christ?  Whatever comes up no, needs to come back to God because we have gotten off the correct path.  Whatever comes up yes, needs to give Glory to God for his wonderful work.

So this Lenten season, let us all see our tremendous need for a great big U-turn back to God.  We are not who we were made to be by the death, resurrection and ascension of Jesus Christ.  Over the last year we have strayed away from God.  We have taken the wrong turns.  We have begun to fall away being wrapped up by worldly concerns.  The Good News for us straying sheep, is that we have a Shepherd who will always take us back when we go far off.  Therefore, let us all see our need for a U-turn and this Lent let us come back to God in faith, again.  Amen.

In Christ,

Rev. Mark