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3 State Route 321             

(Corner Main and High Streets)             

PO Box 2, Mowrystown, Ohio 45155             

(937) 442.5685  Office              


Studying the Word of God and Sharing it with others              





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Rev. Mark Mong, 937-661-4580


 Clerk of Session

Tena Roler, 937-446-2460


 Women's Circle #2

Diana Stephan, President, 937-393-4906


 Men’s Breakfast Group:

Jack Richey, 937-393-9359


 Memorial Committee:

Jill Schelling, Treasurer, 937-393-4134



Deb Tissot, 937-442-2781


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Updated 5-10-16

Sunday Service at 9am  -  Sunday School at 10:15am

Wednesday Bible Study at 7pm

Thursday Bible Study at 1pm

Euchre Club

Our Euchre Club will be held on Saturday, May 21 at 6pm.  Everyone is invited to attend and please bring an appetizer to share if able.

Father's Day Picnic

Our annual Father's Day Picnic will be held on Sunday, June 19th at 11:30pm.  Everyone is invited to attend and a sign up sheet will be posted for food needed.

From the Pastor's Desk

My Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

A newborn child is incapable of caring for itself.  An infant is incapable of preparing its bottle, changing its diaper, buying and washing its clothes, or comforting itself to swiss replica watches sleep.  An infant is entirely dependent on its caregiver.  Part of growing up is learning to become more and more independent of its caregiver.  At some point children can help prepare their own food, they can train themselves to use a toilet, they can wash their own clothes, and they can comfort themselves.  Dependent infants mature and grow up to be independent adults.

But somewhere along the line, adults shed not only their dependence from their caregivers, but they shed their dependence from God.  We all have wanted to become more independent from those who care for us in matters like dressing ourselves and providing for ourselves.  But, while part of growing up is shedding the providing care of our parents and families, growing up never is about shedding the providing care of our God.  Somewhere along the line, our God-sufficiency has become self-sufficiency.

It seems all together true that the more we learn and grow and know and understand, the less we think of ourselves in need of someone else’s care and the more we come to think of ourselves as enough.  Our trust in someone else’s care becomes trust in ourselves.  Our need for others, becomes a need for ourselves.  Our dependence on someone or something else, becomes an independence on ourselves.  We know and that is enough.  We understand and that replica watches is enough.  We have and that is enough.  We can and that is enough.  We think and that is enough.  We are and that is enough.  We are not just human beings, but we have become our own god as well.

Perhaps it seems all too important for us then that the Word of God made flesh in Jesus Christ says, I thank you Father, Lord of heaven and earth because you have hidden these things from the wise and intelligent and have revealed them to infants.  For the wise and intelligent are too proud and self-sufficient to accept God’s help.  For the infant knows not pride and self-sufficiency, but only that it is hungry, dirty and needy and incapable of doing anything about it.  One thinks itself capable of caring for oneself, the other thinks itself inept in doing anything.

As Christians, which are we I wonder?  Are we wise and understanding and therefore in no need of God, or are we hungry, dirty and needy in need of someone else’s care?  Perhaps over the course of our lives we are a little bit of both.  When we are relatively healthy we forget we are still in need, like those times we find ourselves confined to a hospital bed on under a surgeon’s knife.  When we are relatively prosperous we forget we are still in need, like those times we find ourselves in the unemployment line or with a stack of bills and an empty checking account.  When we are surrounded by the comfort of family and friends we forget we are still in need, like those times we find ourselves in marriage counseling or at yet another graveside service.  It seems too easy to forget God when we don’t need him, and easier to remember God when we do.

The good news for us is by resurrecting Jesus from the dead, God has overcome sin and death.  By raising us with Christ, the goodness of God has overcome the wickedness of our pride.  Through Jesus, we can come to a greater awareness of our need for God.  While we are no longer infants in need of parental care, perhaps we can come to fake watch a greater awareness of always being a creature in need of God.  While we might have a level of independence when it comes to food, clothing and shelter, we will always have a level of dependence when it comes strength, courage and most importantly love from God.

So dear friends, it seems that we need to become more like infants in our relationships with God, dependent on him and not on ourselves.  Our pride needs transformed into humility, and in Christ that has already happened.  Therefore this Easter Season, let us become humble infants in need of God instead of a wise and understanding people in need of a little humility. 

In Christ,
Rev. Mark


Daniel Frank's Prayer



May the Holy Spirit fill your minds

And release you from those evil binds

That contain us and stop us from loving God

Let Christ be seen, not through a facade

But in your church and in your lives

Love the Lord that strives

To live in your hearts forevermore

And flow over you like waves on a shore

So love the Lord your God deeply

And do not turn away so sheeply

That you miss God's love

Like just another morning dove

So go now with the Father's Word

And fly in the sky with God's herd

Of loving, following Christians